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FarmVille 2 Hints - Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

Need Fertilizers Fast – Here Are Some Tips

Before I talk about getting fertilizers, let me give you a hint on why you need them and why fertilized crops pay.

If you’re playing Farmville 2, you will run into Prized Crops.  What are these kinds of crops do for you?  Well, whenever  you get  a prized crop, it’s a mystery prized or consider it a bonus that adds to your numbers.  Depending on what you grow, you may get up to 250 XP and 5000 Coins per prized crop (potato) or you may average between 190-200 XP per prized Spinach.  That’s about 10-15 prized spinach, so I may get up to 3000 XP per harvest.  I pulled 3000 XP at one time, but I usually average around the 1500-2000 XP per harvest.  On the Habanero harvest, I average about 200 XP per harvest, but I haven’t even mastered that crop, so I’m going to wait.

How do you do it?  You fertilize all your crops.  That’s simply your ticket to getting prized crops.  The more you do it, the higher your average reward becomes.

I don’t know about your case, but in my case, I plant crops on 90 plots.  I could go 100 plots, the maximum I can get, but I maxed out on my wells, which I have six (6) of them, thus giving me room to water 60 crops.  I also have the most 30 from the container before I water the crops I planted, so that gives me 90 units of water.  That’s assuming that I don’t get any help, which I consider a bonus when they tend the crops.  After watering the plots, you need to get fertilizers for all your plots.  Since I have 90 plots to fertilizer, I need 90 units of fertilizer.

If you need fertilizers, here’s how you can get them fast…

  1. Raise chickens.  Most chickens take about 5 minutes to mature and when fed, they may yield fertilizer.  The ones that you buy with large amounts of Coins or FV2 Cash would yield the most amount of fertilizers consistently.  So every five minutes, you have some fertilizers.  The more chickens you have, the more fertilizers you can get.
  2. If your neighbor tends your crops, wait until you have harvested and watered your crops.   You can have five of your crops fertilized.  If you have lots of neighbors that visited, you get more opportunity to have your crops fertilized.  
  3. If you had to choose between milk and fertilizer, raise goats.  Most adult goats take 15 minutes before feeding, but you get both milk and fertilizer.  I recommend either the Ibex or the Pygmy Goats if you can get them since they have been consistent in producing the milk, cheese, and fertilizer you needed, and the 22 FV2 Cash (18 for the Pygmy) as a baby is worth the investment.   They take up to 75 feeds before they become prized, so you have several feedings at their disposal.
  4. If you have plenty of neighbors, you can use Farmhands.  Those are the avatars sitting by the bottom left of your farm, where the hays are.  Whenever you activate them, you place them on the crops that need fertilizing and they will fertilize those crops for you.  You can get up to 4 crops fertilized and a fertilizer at your disposal to use at a later time.
  5. Worst comes the worst, if you can swing 15 FV2 Cash (not recommended if you can get it for free and you’re REALLY pressed with time), you can get 25 at a time.  That’s like $3 per package.
To make a long story short, fertilized crops gets you some bonuses when you harvest them.  Fertilize your crops whenever you can.
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FarmVille 2 Hints – Fertilizing Crops Pay Big And Help You Level Up Faster

Want to level up faster?  Fertilize your crops.

Don’t want to pay for fertilizers for your crops?  Then don’t because if you do, you’re not using your resources wisely.

I have screenshots and videos as evidence that it pays if you fertilize your crops.  But what do you need to do first. Well you have to plant and water your crops. The watering part is the challenge and we all know that.  In my farm, I can get, at least, up to 120 Water by myself – 60 units from the 6 Wells I own and 60 every 3 hours…I have a life outside of this game, so I do whatever I want with the other hour…lol.

Well that takes care of the watering part…now to the fertilizing phase…so here’s what to do…

So you spend 15 FV2 Cash for a 25-pack of Fertilizer…..Just kidding…LoL…please don’t or you’ll be wasting it.

Okay, so we all want free stuff, right?  So here are ways to get fertilizers (and NO CHEATING INVOLVED).

It’s all withing Zynga’s rules and they love it if you visit the site because they love web traffic.  More web traffic means more money to Zynga.
  • Get as many animals as you can, preferably the goats and chickens because milk and eggs are also important in this game.  Getting more of these mean more fertilizer at harvest.  Why Cows and Horses aren’t preferred?  Because they take up precious real estate in your farm and they take longer to grow (4 to 24 hours) as opposed to goats and chickens (5-60 minutes).  You have more control over this and this is the highly recommended strategy.
  • Go to and play FarmVille 2 through that website.  You get a chance to grab a fertilizer and other resources you need, but consider that you have a 50-50 chance or less in getting them.  Since Zynga places limits on how much you can grab on their feed on a daily basis, don’t be grab-happy or you reach the maximum quickly.  If your intention is to get fertilizer, limit it to that.  The most you can hold is 100 units, so use what you already have before grabbing more.
  • Farmhands – every time a fellow FarmVille 2 player that you are friends with grants you a farmhand and they tend the crops or buildings, you get 1 fertilizer.  Although that isn’t really the preferred strategy, they help you tend your crops.
  • Send your friends a gift of fertilizer is another option.  I wouldn’t rely too much on this because they reply at their convenience.

Well that’s all I suggest you do if you want to use fertilizers because they pay big when you harvest your crops.  Here’s a video that shows that when you harvest a crop, you get credit during harvest…

Now here are shots of what I get when I harvest some of the Rye I had.  This covered the last two harvests on 10/26/2012 as of 8:30 pm PDT…

Okay, so there you have it.  I encourage you to fertilize your crops when you get that chance because when you harvest your crops, you get more than what the store gives out.  Bonuses can be big.  In one of the Rye I harvested, I got a 101-pounder, which awarded me 101 XP, 101 Points for mastery, and 2020 Coins (101 x 20 coins/lb).

Thanks for visiting this site and happy farming…

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