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Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

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FarmVille 2 Hints - Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

FarmVille 2 Hints – The Trick To Harvest The Furnace At Least 2 Times In 24 Hours

Look at this quest below.  You have to harvest your furnace twice and you don’t want to wait 48 hours to finish this quest.

A Town In Need Harvest The Furnace Twice

Want to try and harvest the furnace twice within 24 hours?

Well first of all it takes 24 hours before you can harvest the furnace.

You can get up to 10 units of Power from a Furnace to perform crafting in your kitchen.

You’re allowed to have up to 30 Units of power in your kitchen.

When you have at least 21 units of power in your kitchen and you harvest the furnace, it will use 9 Units of power from the furnace.  This leaves you with 1 unit of power left in the furnace.

Let’s assume that you have 29 units of power in your kitchen.

When you go to your furnace and harvest it, it will only harvest 1 unit of power because you can only have up to 30, so it stops there.

Use that 1 unit of power in your crafting kitchen to craft.

When you harvest the furnace again, you have harvested it twice and have completed that part of the “A Town In Need” Quest.

You can harvest the furnace up to ten (10) times when you repeat the steps.

Hope this helps…Cheers


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FarmVille 2 Hints – Fertilizing Crops Pay Big And Help You Level Up Faster

Want to level up faster?  Fertilize your crops.

Don’t want to pay for fertilizers for your crops?  Then don’t because if you do, you’re not using your resources wisely.

I have screenshots and videos as evidence that it pays if you fertilize your crops.  But what do you need to do first. Well you have to plant and water your crops. The watering part is the challenge and we all know that.  In my farm, I can get, at least, up to 120 Water by myself – 60 units from the 6 Wells I own and 60 every 3 hours…I have a life outside of this game, so I do whatever I want with the other hour…lol.

Well that takes care of the watering part…now to the fertilizing phase…so here’s what to do…

So you spend 15 FV2 Cash for a 25-pack of Fertilizer…..Just kidding…LoL…please don’t or you’ll be wasting it.

Okay, so we all want free stuff, right?  So here are ways to get fertilizers (and NO CHEATING INVOLVED).

It’s all withing Zynga’s rules and they love it if you visit the site because they love web traffic.  More web traffic means more money to Zynga.
  • Get as many animals as you can, preferably the goats and chickens because milk and eggs are also important in this game.  Getting more of these mean more fertilizer at harvest.  Why Cows and Horses aren’t preferred?  Because they take up precious real estate in your farm and they take longer to grow (4 to 24 hours) as opposed to goats and chickens (5-60 minutes).  You have more control over this and this is the highly recommended strategy.
  • Go to and play FarmVille 2 through that website.  You get a chance to grab a fertilizer and other resources you need, but consider that you have a 50-50 chance or less in getting them.  Since Zynga places limits on how much you can grab on their feed on a daily basis, don’t be grab-happy or you reach the maximum quickly.  If your intention is to get fertilizer, limit it to that.  The most you can hold is 100 units, so use what you already have before grabbing more.
  • Farmhands – every time a fellow FarmVille 2 player that you are friends with grants you a farmhand and they tend the crops or buildings, you get 1 fertilizer.  Although that isn’t really the preferred strategy, they help you tend your crops.
  • Send your friends a gift of fertilizer is another option.  I wouldn’t rely too much on this because they reply at their convenience.

Well that’s all I suggest you do if you want to use fertilizers because they pay big when you harvest your crops.  Here’s a video that shows that when you harvest a crop, you get credit during harvest…

Now here are shots of what I get when I harvest some of the Rye I had.  This covered the last two harvests on 10/26/2012 as of 8:30 pm PDT…

Okay, so there you have it.  I encourage you to fertilize your crops when you get that chance because when you harvest your crops, you get more than what the store gives out.  Bonuses can be big.  In one of the Rye I harvested, I got a 101-pounder, which awarded me 101 XP, 101 Points for mastery, and 2020 Coins (101 x 20 coins/lb).

Thanks for visiting this site and happy farming…

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Five Tips For More XP And Coins

Hey you all FarmVille 2 Players,

Here are five FarmVille 2 hints that put together from playing Farmville 2 quite a bit of playing along with some research. I’d like to share some tips that you may already know, but I want to make sure that some of the audience who don’t know be aware of them:

1) You have to do some Crafting… It is useful to make money. Don’t sell your milk, cheese, and eggs since they are essential in crafting a few items in your kitchen. In addition, your animals will reach “Prized” status after they are fed so many times with Feed where you would only get Coins and XP when you ONLY tend them.

2) Animals: Once you have an animal that becomes “Prized”, you can move it to your inventory, which is highly recommended since this frees you to put more animals. To do this, you click on the Tools icon, click on the Red box (inventory), and pick the animal you want to put in inventory. Animals that can be fed can’t move into inventory. The other alternative is to sell them if you’re strapped for coins. Animals become prized, whether they were purchased with coins or FV2 cash. Those that were bought with FV2 cash like the Pygmy Goat take about 70 feeds before being prized while the others like the Red Goat (purchased with coins) take about 35 feeds before being prized. But if they become prized, I strongly suggest that you remove it from the farm and replace them with other animals.

3) Crop: First, you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the plants and trees to quickly perform the same task (plant, water, harvest, fertilizer, etc..). I noticed that the crops that take a day to grow (strawberry, carrot, sunflower, or cucumber) should only be planted when you’re close to leveling up, like at least 400 XP before hitting the next level.

4) Use your neighbors to instantly grow your crops and trees: I picked this up basically from experience playing this game. However, you need a lot of neighbors for this and you may have to visit them too. You can get lots of neighbors through playing the game through Zynga and you don’t have to be their Facebook friend. Every little bit helps. When your neighbor visited your farm, mouse over their icon and you should get a preview on what they did in your farm, whether they tended crops, trees, or animals. If they did the same crop, make sure that they did the watering, fertilizing, or even the speed grow. I believe there’s a 300 neighbor limit, but correct me if I’m wrong. Bottom line is get as many neighbors as possible so that you can get a lot of work done in your farm.

There’s also a sign that you can buy for 100 Coins. You can use it to direct your neighbors to tend what you wanted done. For example, if I wanted them to tend my Lime Trees (they take up 6 units of Water), that’s where I would put the sign. I hardly use them because I’ve already educated my neighbors to tend Lime or Horses, the ones that take up the most resources.

5) Close to Leveling Up? It’s important to be aware of this tip. When you level up, the following will happen: (a) All WATERED crops and trees will immediately be available for harvest. (b) All animals are immediately ready for feeding. (c) You get several units of Water (similar to the Cityville and Castleville game in terms of Energy). (d) You get full power restored for crafting. I have heard from several FarmVille 2 related sources that these features are here to stay, just like the CityVille and CastleVille game. So make sure your plants are watered, your animals are fed, and craft as much as you can because when you level up, your plants are immediately ready for harvest and your water and power are restored as well.

I hope this helps you all in your FarmVille 2 playing. Don’t forget to “Like” this site and see how you can be eligible to win one of the three (3) $10 Zynga eCard that you can use for your FarmVille 2 enjoyment…

Peace and have a great day.

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