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FarmVille 2 Hints - Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

FarmVille 2 Hints – The Fastest Way To Level Up

If you’re playing FarmVille 2 to level up,   I assume that you’re still getting started and must have passed the level where you’re able to plant Corn.  Well, here are some of the tips that I would recommend you look into this.  For now, this is all the basics you need to know.

  • Get as many neighbors who play daily as you can, especially when they gift and answer your request.  The more, the better.
  • Plant more Corn. You get 2 xp per plot for harvesting it and it takes two minutes to grow.  Don’t worry about the water part because you get water every 3 minutes and the system can hold up to 30 pails of it.
  • Craft like hell.  The money is in crafting, period.  Since you’ll have lots of Corn, you’ll use it to craft Cornbread (all you need is 8 Corn and Milk).  Make sure you craft Butter (2 Milk needed) because you’ll need it for the Cornbread, which pays 930 Coins when sold in the Market Stall.
  • Grow goats and get as much milk as you can.  Get the Red Goats if you’re starting out, but if you can get the Ibex, it’s much better because you can get more milk.
  • Unless you have to do it for a Quest, there’s no need to grow Chickens.
  • Remember that when you Level Up, all your watered crops and trees become available for harvest.  Just before you Level Up, like at least 300-400 XP to go, start planting and watering either the following if available (preferably the one that yields the highest XP).
    • Strawberry – 13 XP
    • Sunflower – 14 XP
    • Carrots – 15 XP
    • Trees should be watered.
  • If you have the Coins to spare, you can trade your coins for XP by buying these items:
    • Hay Wagon – 45000 Coins and 397 XP (113.35 Coins/XP) and the fastest way
    • Concrete Sundial – 25000 and 223 XP (112.11 Coins/XP) also faster, but uses less space.
    • If you have the time, you can spend the least coins per XP, but most laborous – Pink Flamingo – 150 Coins and get 5 XP (30 Coins/XP) and the slowest, but doesn’t use that much space.

Well I hope this helps.  Keep it simple and this should make you a successful farmer in this new game with different sets of rules as compared to the FarmVille game…

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