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Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

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FarmVille 2 Hints - Help Keeping Farmville More Addicting…

Win FarmVille 2 Cash

FarmVille 2 Hints – Win FarmVille 2 Cash four (4) – $10 Zynga eCards will be given out to qualified entrants.

Drawing will be on 11:59 pm Thanksgiving Day.

To qualify:

  • Must visit and press “Like” if you haven’t.  I’ll know if you’re one of the Likes on the page because I’ll see it from my end.
  • Your chances of winning are better if you’re a daily player.  We check if you’re a daily player. Although it’s a raffle, your name may be on more than one raffle.
  • You have 24 hours from the time we message you to acknowledge if you’re the winner.  You’ll get your code by then.  If you don’t I’ll give it to another eligible person.
  • All decisions are final.
  • One person will get only one prize.  Sorry, I want to give it to four different persons.


So if you play farmville 2 daily and want a shot at winning one of these eCards, if you haven’t, click “Like” or leave a comment.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Wish you all a great Thanksgiving.  Please drive safe.   If you have to get drunk, get someone else to take you home.

Brought to you by FarmVille 2 Hints

Past Contests – does not apply to this drawing…

October 31 Winners are April, Roxanne, and Erlinda

Your eCard will be sent shortly.

There will be a drawing for FarmVille 2 Cash.  Three (3) farms will be chosen and each one will receive a $10 Zynga eGift Card redeemable for FarmVille 2 Cash.  I’ll post the winner on this website with the pictures of the winning farms and the FarmVille 2 Hints Page on Facebook but will notify you through Facebook/Zynga message before I post it.  However, you must meet ALL requirements at the time of the drawing.  These conditions are NOT negotiable.

Eligibility Requirements – ALL MUST BE MET by 11:59 pm, October 31, 2012:

  • No need to enter.  If I can visit your farm via Facebook or Zynga, you’re eligible to win one of the three prizes.
  • Visit and “Like” and
  • You must be my FarmVille 2 Neighbor at Level 7 or higher.  You can do it through Zynga or visit my site at and request to be a friend.  If I can visit your farm as my neighbor, you are eligible to win.
  • NO EMPTY PLOTS – Crops must be ready for watering
  • At least any 5 Trees
  • No Prized Animals – I mean none…zero…zilch…There is no profit for having Prized Animals in your farm.  Put it in your inventory.  You get more out of replacing it with animals that are producing Milk, Cheese, Wool, or XP.
  • Must be able to Craft.  If you’re the winner, I’ll check your farm.

You can meet one of the following Categories:

Category A – Must have at least ALL of the following:

  • one Cow OR one Horse OR one Sheep
  • five (5) Goats
  • two (2) Chickens

Category B – Have any Two of the following animals:

  • Any of the following Goats: Ibex, Nubian, La Mancha, or Boer (hint: two Ibex Goats or any two animals in this list covers Category B)
  • Any of the following Cows: Swiss Cow, Ayrshire Cow, or Holstein Cow
  • Any of the following Chickens: Ameraucana, Hubbard, or Cochin
  • Any of the following Sheep: Cosplay, Cheviot, or Portland
  • Any of the following Rabbits: Flemish or Sealpoint

Category C – Level 21 or Above

  • Just be at this level or beyond and make sure you meet all other requirements and you’re eligible.


  • Meet all requirements and you can win $10 Farmville 2 Cash.  I will check the farms of the winner and will annouce the winners on (it automatically posts on and
  • If the farm does not meet the requirements, it’s automatically disqualified from winning any of the prizes.
  • Three winners will be drawn randomly.  I’m not concerned about being fair.
  • Only one person can receive one prize.
  • Once the winner is announced, the decision is final.
  • Have fun…if you read this message and you want in, message me through  I must have access to your farm in order for you to be eligible to win.
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